Slab Heating

Never shovel your driveway again!

slabheatWhy bother with shoveling your driveway each winter?  Make your home or work place a little bit safer by installing slab heating under your surfaces.  By cycling hot water under your walkways this system will melt snow and ice that could be a safety hazard.  Kamm Star Contractors, Inc. will send trained professionals to your home or work place and complete the installation as quickly as possible.  Think of the time and money you could save by kissing the snow plows goodbye!

Advantages of a snow melt system:
  • Never shovel again
  • Safer environment
  • Save money on snow salt and plows
  • This tidy system leaves the remaining snow looking pristine without ugly piles.

Don’t wait until the snow comes!

Be sure to have your snow melt system installed before the winter hits! By avoiding our busy seasons you will not have to wait as long to have service performed. We work as efficiently as possible, but there are certain times of the year when we are busier than others.

Be sure to call and book your appointment today! 330-225-5989 or 440-582-1788

State licensed and locally insured and bonded.

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