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In this process, Kamm Star does not grant the user a limited, non-transferable, non-exclusive, revocable, or non-transferable license; To find out and download, temporarily, the content offered from this web page through a copy, exclusively for the personal use of the visitor or within their business, and never for commercial uses.
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The Kamm Star website allows the user to participate in a forum for obtaining work and information of professional interest. By offering and entering information on the website (User Information), the visitor or user grants Kamm Star a license and an indefinite, irrevocable, non-exclusive right, free of royalties, for the maximum time given by the applicable legislation, but Kamm Star is not obligated to use, modify, display, download, reproduce, publish, copy, distribute, store, transmit, or create derivative products, in whole or in part, from the User Information, in any way.
The user accepts and acknowledges that Kamm Star is simply a passive forum through which users can be informed. Kamm Star does not verify, verify, or control user information. Therefore, Kamm Star does not make any guarantees regarding the reliability, integrity, accuracy, truthfulness, or validity of the information provided and issued by users.
Kamm Star reserves the right to deny, remove, mirror, block, or delete user-provided information that Kamm Star deems unacceptable. If Kamm Star receives any information or notification regarding the rejection of certain information submitted by users, Kamm Star will have the ability to investigate said information with absolute discretion.

The visitor or user accepts and assumes that Kamm Star may keep a copy of the user’s information and make use of certain information, revealing it to third parties if it considers it necessary to:

(i) Protect the integrity of Kamm Star
(ii) Protect the rights of Kamm Star
(iii) Comply with any court order
(iv) Comply with any legal procedure, current or not
(v) Assert the actions and rights that Kamm Star has under this contract, and finally
(vi) Consent to any request related to the infringement of third-party copyrights.